Obama for Pope?

You may wonder what Obama will do when he is no longer President of the United States. I think he will run for Pope. We've read about how Obama has declared himself one of the greatest four presidents in history and about how the Liberal media has labeled him the smartest person ever to be president. There has also been discussion as to how he was putting words into Jesus' mouth at the recent prayer breakfast. He has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and has been referred to by his media legions as The One. Now the smartest person to ever be president thinks he knows better than the Pope what's best for the eternal salvation of Catholics. The Pope is a man who's greatness is believed by a billion followers to have been conveyed from the God through the college of Cardinals in the papal conclave. Obama on the other hand got to be president on the back of votes from folks he referred to as Cousin Pookie and Uncle Bubba. The Pope is believed by all Catholics to have a direct line with...(Read Full Post)