Obama campaign raises $29 million in January

Part of that haul will go to the Democratic party, but most of it will go right into the campaign coffers. Obama has raised $250 million so far for his re-election. Washington Post: The month's haul raises Obama's total combined fundraising for this election cycle to about $250 million. In the last three months of 2011, he averaged about $23 million a month. That fundraising concluded before the campaign's announcement this month that, in a reversal, Obama would embrace the big big-money fundraising groups he once criticized and let them help in his re-election. Those so-called super PACs, financed with large donations from a small group of individuals, have been prominent in the Republican presidential primary and are also poised to spend millions in the general election contest. The Obama campaign did not immediately provide a breakdown of the January fundraising but said 98 percent of the January donations were $250 or less. Many of those donors, however, are repeat...(Read Full Post)