Obama Begs Forgiveness

Barack Obama has turned his attention toward soothing the offended sensibilities of inconsolable Muslims.  In his role of Apologizer-in-Chief, the President requested forgiveness for military personnel who inadvertently burned some library Qurans at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. Rather than send a firm message of his own, a conciliatory Barack Obama, champion of all things Muslim, reacted quickly to the growing violence over the Quran offense by promptly responding with heartfelt contrition. Taking a break from fundraising, he penned a three-page letter to an ungrateful Afghan President Hamid Karzai on "bilateral relations that included 'an expression of his regret and apologies for the inappropriate and inadvertent mishandling of religious materials.'" How did the Qurans end up being burned? Allegedly, detainees were writing secret messages in the books; viewed as a security matter, troops confiscated the books from the detainee library at the high-security Parwan...(Read Full Post)