Obama-supporting gun control priest Pfleger still a loose cannon

Father Michael Pfleger, a vocal supporter of President Obama and a Chicago media darling, is back in the news. Again. You may recall that Pfleger made headlines in 2007, for threatening to "snuff out" a gun shop owner and legislators who oppose gun control measures. From capitolfax.com: 'We're gonna find you and snuff you out,' Pfleger said about the gun shop owner, likening the man to a 'rat.' He later repeated his threat to 'snuff out' the owner. Pfleger also had this to say to state legislators who vote against gun control measures: 'We're gonna snuff out legislators who are voting [garbled] against our gun laws and we're coming for you because we are not going to sit idly.' Well, as of Feb. 7, 2012, Pfleger is getting new parish duties, as well as taking "on a new responsibility in serving as the Archdiocesan representative for newly developing anti-violence initiatives that will include a particular focus on issues surrounding gun violence." (Source) Enter Chicago Mayor Rahm...(Read Full Post)