Not-Romney Wins Again

In the fourth consecutive nominating state election for the 2012 Republican presidential candidacy, Not-Romney made it four wins in a row.  In Florida, a swing state with a higher percentage of moderate voters than previous states, Romney still lost.  Not-Romney has won each state with the following percentages: Iowa 75%, New Hampshire 61%, South Carolina 72%, and Florida 54%.  Conservatives still dominate the Republican electorate.

The problem is there is no candidate named Not-Romney.  The sooner conservatives understand this the more likely a conservative will win the nomination.  The conservative voters have split their vote for four consecutive primaries.  If you are a conservative voter, you need to decide whether you want your vote to be a vote for victory.  A protest vote or a vote for a candidate just because you like them best is just another vote in the minority and is a vote for conservatives to lose.  Don't throw away your vote.  Vote to defeat the elites and elect a conservative.

The growing frustration between the larger conservative base and the Republican establishment elites is growing palpable.  And there are folks who are deciding that they are no longer going to give support to those currently in power and will bow out of the process.  Just read the comments sections of your favorite conservative website for a few examples.  That does not bode well for the general election.

A nominee more conservative than Romney can still win.  But it has to be one candidate.  And the consolidation has to happen now.  If they want to defeat Romney, conservatives have to unite and vote for the conservative who will actually defeat Romney.

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