Barking up the wrong tree

As The Daily Caller reports, "The Obama campaign began targeting an oft-ignored demographic on Monday, creating 'Pet Lovers for Obama,' a Facebook group for people whose pets love Obama as much as they do."

Because of the economy, dog shelters are overcrowded. Pets are often abandoned by their owners who who've lost their jobs, lost their homes, and cannot afford to care for their beloved pets. People are sometimes forced to choose about where to spend limited and diminishing resources, and their pets become a "luxury" they can't afford.

Obama and his policies are a disaster, even for our little four-legged friends.

What a shame, and what a shameless political campaign.

Pet owners know that the pet food and supply industry had progressed remarkably. We now have healthier foods, higher quality health and medical options, and so many more products from which to choose.

The free market had been good for pet owners and pets.

Ask any pet owner. Their pets are considered "part of the family." The anti-free market policies of President Obama are hurting people and their pets.

If you love pets, you'd be silly to vote for Obama.