Newt doubles down on class warfare tack

In for a penny, in for...a few hundred million bucks. Newt Gingrich is refusing to bow to pressure to lay off criticisms of Romney's wealth and is continuing his Obama-inspired assault on his rival. CNN: Newt Gingrich, intensifying his efforts to frame the Republican presidential race as a showdown between his populist insurgency and Mitt Romney's establishment-backed campaign, sharpened his criticisms Friday of Romney's wealth and corporate resume. Campaigning before about 100 people inside Stoney's Rockin' Country, a half-full honky tonk off Las Vegas Boulevard, Gingrich repeatedly veered into the class warfare rhetoric he often decries on the campaign trail. "This is a campaign of people power versus money power," the former House speaker declared. Seizing on Romney's comment this week that he is "not concerned" about the poor, Gingrich called the former Massachusetts governor a "rich guy" incapable of connecting with working class Americans. Gingrich said the "poor" comment, from...(Read Full Post)