Navy ship-naming by Secretary mired in controversy

The USS Medgar Evers? The USS John Murtha? The USS Cesar Chavez? Our Navy Secretary, Ray Mabus, has this diversity thing down cold. Each one of those ships was in a class that previous names of their sister ships had nothing to do with civil rights, or corrupt Democratic politicians. Ships are usually named after states, cities, even famous explorers and war heroes. But Mabus has injected partisanship into this tradition, naming another ship for Democrat Gabriel Giffords, who has shown courage in her recovery from an assassination attempt but had expressed little interest in the military during her career on Capitol Hill. But she was a Democrat, which seemed to fulfill the criteria Mabus has set. Now it appears that, stung by criticism from Republicans over his choice of ship names, Mabus is going back to more "traditional" naming criteria. The Washington Times: Asked whether this was a response to criticism, the official said: "It isn't. I think if you look at these five additional...(Read Full Post)