More of the same at AZ GOP debate

Santorum is accusing Romney and Paul of collusion in their attacks on him, but I don't buy it. Santorum has a "kick me" sign stuck to his backside and the other candidates are just obliging him. Byron York: The bad blood in the spin room was just a continuation of what took place in a mostly negative and downbeat night on stage.  After the introductions, Romney's first opportunity to speak came when the moderator, CNN's John King, invited him to attack Santorum.  Romney accepted the invitation.  And the first thing he attacked Santorum for was "voting for raising the debt ceiling five different times without voting for compensating cuts." Having lost his run for Senate in 1994, Romney has never had to vote for or against raising the debt ceiling.  But he has many present and former members of the House and Senate who speak on his behalf in this campaign, and they have voted to raise the debt ceiling.  And there aren't many Romney observers who don't...(Read Full Post)