Meet the Deaf

At the risk of stating the obvious, David Gregory is just not doing a good job preserving the pretense that Meet the Press is an austere and objective news program.  We all know that Fox News Sunday skews Republican a bit, but Gregory seems to relish the opportunity to take apart any conservative guest to the extent that it's become a little disturbing to witness.  I do not recall any such impression with the late Tim Russert. Gregory had Santorum on today (video here), and proceeded to ask him about a speech in which Santorum, somewhat satirically, referred to  Obama as a "snob" for his proclamation that all students should go to college.  Santorum calmly explained to Gregory that he was indeed in favor of "everyone having the opportunity to go to college," but that many would simply prefer a technical college, or another track to a vocational position.  Santorum repeated that everyone should have the opportunity to go to college.  Gregory followed...(Read Full Post)