Iran and al-Qaeda moving closer

There has always been some sort of relationship between the Sunni terrorist group and the Shia theocracy. After 9/11, several al-Qaeda leaders were placed under "house arrest" in Tehran. There have also been occassional reports of meetings between the two wary adversaries - specifically about how to fight Americans in Afghanistan. But this seems altogether different. Foreign Relations reports: Perhaps more disturbing, Iran appears willing to expand its limited relationship with al Qaeda. Just as with its other surrogate, Hezbollah, the country could turn to al Qaeda to mount a retaliation to any U.S. or Israeli attack. To be sure, the organization is no Iranian puppet. And the two have sometimes been antagonistic, as illustrated by al Qaeda in Iraq's recent attacks against Shias. But both share a hatred of the United States. U.S. policymakers should think twice about provoking a closer relationship between them and should draw greater public attention to Iran's limited, but still...(Read Full Post)