Impressive anti-Putin demonstration in Moscow

I wonder if 300,000 Americans would come out in the dead of winter to protest anything? Telegraph: Thousands of people, many laughing and sharing jokes, linked hands in a near-unbroken line around the inside of the Garden Ring, the circular road that defines central Moscow to show their desire for fair elections. The action - which was billed as a leaderless and apolitical "act of unity" rather than a rally in order to avoid laws that require political demonstrations to obtain permission from the city authorities - passed off peacefully, but 10 people were later arrested after trying to hold a politically-themed celebration of maslinitsa - the Russian version of pancake day - on a central square near the Kremlin. It was the latest in a series of tens-of-thousands-strong demonstrations calling for clean elections and Prime Minister Mr Putin's ouster that have hit the Russian capital since alleged fraud at parliamentary elections last December. Many dressed in white or wore the white...(Read Full Post)