Illinois is broke, so let's spend more

Ah, the mind of a Democrat tax and spender. (I know, I know--redundant.) Three weeks after Moody's lowered President Barack Hussein Obama's (D) home state of Illinois to "the lowest credit rating of any state in the country" because of "weak management practices" and a recent legislative session that "took no steps to implement lasting solutions." Moody's now rates Illinois "A2," below any other state. Only one state, California, qualifies for the next-highest rating. All the rest are ranked higher. Illinois' Democratic Governor Pat Quinn served up a State of the State speech Wednesday full of ways to spend more money on college scholarships and preschool and cut taxes on natural gas and families with children.But with Illinois unable to pay its bills and concerns rampant at the state capitol about getting control of runaway public pension and health care costs, lawmakers from both parties were left with a question: Where will the money come from? "Where will the money come from?"...(Read Full Post)