If Only I were More Like Dana Loesch

Sometimes the response to a column can be more illuminating than the original essay, especially when is the subject deals with the nature of voters from your own side of the ideological divide. This was probably the case with my most recent effort where I lament how conservatives have clearly created a scenario where President Obama is now a heavy favorite to be re-elected. The reader reaction to my analysis that the primary process has needlessly destroyed Mitt Romney's "electability" and left us without a viable option who can beat Obama, was both extreme and largely irrational. A look at the comment sections both here at the American Thinker and at Hot Air is almost literally a window into the soul of Republican primary voters as well as the very phenomenon of which I wrote. The overt hatred of me (which I honestly don't care about) and of Mitt Romney (about which I actually do care) would be comical if it were not also so damaging to the cause of beating Obama, which the vast...(Read Full Post)