How the MSM spins the HHS decision

How does the liberal press spin the Obama Administration's HHS ruling on contraceptive services? The MSM deliberately ignores the fundamental trampling of our Constitution and muddies the waters with a variety of distractions, half-truths and omissions.  Unfortunately for the vast majority of uncritical readers, the MSM are quite masterful in this craft. Let's look at a February 9th article in SFGATE, the Obama Administration's most reliable online shill for the joyful embrace of Big Brother. Read the whole article, it's a veritable minefield of MSM propaganda that could take weeks to fully disarm. San Francisco's Catholic archbishop has jumped into the latest national culture war, blasting the Obama administration's controversial requirement that employers - including Catholic hospitals, universities and institutions - provide birth control and other contraceptive services as part of their health care insurance plans. While the rule is not scheduled to take effect fully until...(Read Full Post)