Hope for Venezuela as opposition coalesces around one candidate

And three million of them voted in the first ever opposition primary - far above expectations. Is Hugo finally going to be seriously challenged? CSM: The results of Venezuela's opposition-party presidential primary, the first of its kind, was no great surprise. Youthful state governor Henrique Capriles Radonski was ahead in the polls, and won by a landslide with about two thirds of all votes. What was surprising, however, was how many Venezuelans showed up to vote - almost 3 million people, or about one-fifth of the electorate, reports Venezuelan guest blogger Miguel Octavio. (Mr. Octavio also ran a series of photos on of Venezuelans voting abroad, from Miami to Milan, Austria to Australia.) Mr. Capriles said last week that he hoped for at least two million voters. This larger-than-expected turnout buoys his bid to unseat President Hugo Chavez in the Oct. 7 presidential elections.   The turnout is a sign that the historically divided opposition - which boycotted...(Read Full Post)