Here it comes: sugar as a regulated substance

You're too stupid to know what to eat, but fortunately your betters are about to prevent you from harming yourself by eating stuff that you like. Welcome to the new America, where people who think they are smarter than you get to run your life. CBS News reports: A new commentary published online in the Feb. 1 issue of Nature says sugar is just as "toxic" for people as the other two, so the government should step in to curb its consumption. The United Nations announced in September that chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes contribute to 35 million deaths worldwide each year, according to the commentary. The U.N. pegged tobacco, alcohol, and diet as big risk factors that contributed to this death rate. Two of those are regulated by governments, "leaving one of the primary culprits behind this worldwide health crisis unchecked," the authors, Robert H. Lustig, Laura A. Schmidt and Claire D. Brindis, argued. They said that over the past 50 years,...(Read Full Post)