Health Reform via Super Bowl

My wife is brilliant.  She just figured out an ingenious way to illustrate one of the major problems with our health care system and stumbled on a solution to boot.  The solution would be to just have the Super Bowl on daily basis.  Now, wait a minute and hear me out. My wife made an appointment for our daughter to see the doctor this morning because the latter appeared (now confirmed) to have an ear infection.  Usually it's a little busy on Sundays because fewer facilities are open, but today it wasn't quite as busy. My wife  made an interesting observation in human behavior (no, not that husbands hadn't begun beating their wives yet due to the game not having started): the lack of busyness was due to it being Super Bowl Sunday.  She theorized that fewer people would show up for minor issues because of the Super Bowl and that only the truly sick or injured would come in for treatment.  And she appears to have been correct.  With no real...(Read Full Post)