Getting Clipped in (and by) Congress

This article about the Congressional Barber Shop caught my eye because I have actually seen the place, although just in passing, en route to another perk. And true to my personal experience of decades ago, our congressional elite continue to benefit themselves at the expense of the taxpayers.  As the article linked above relates, our elected royals receive their tonsorial treatments by a staff of overpaid government (is that a redundancy?) stylists, whose income and union benefits far exceed their non-governmental counterparts. I was dismayed to read this, but in no way surprised. Back in the'80s, as a government sales manager for a small subsidiary of one of the giant pharmaceutical companies, I was taken to the Capitol pharmacy by our East Coast manager. And yes, I did say Capitol pharmacy. Unknown to most Americans, our political potentates have their very own pharmacy for their exclusive use. My guy warned me in advance, "You're not gonna believe this, boss." And he was so...(Read Full Post)