For Better Debates

Tomorrow will see what could be the last GOP presidential candidate debate, at 8 PM EST on CNN, broadcast from Mesa, Arizona. The next 2 scheduled debates have been cancelled, leaving only one more possible debate, scheduled for March 19 in Portland, Oregon, PBS. Instead of having journalists ask questions in presidential and legislative debates, why not have the candidates ask the questions?  Candidates would take turns asking a question while the other would answer, followed by a rebuttal and surrebuttal.  The questions would be time limited to avoid mini-speeches in the form of a question, and a moderator would still be necessary to enforce time limits.    Through candidate questions, voters would learn what both the Democrat and Republican candidates, representing their respective constituencies, believe to be the most important issues and top priorities.  The news media would still have plenty of opportunities to try to set the agenda for political races...(Read Full Post)