FCC to kill LightSquared over interference with GPS

We've been following the soap opera that is LightSquared here at AT for many months. LS owner, hedge fund manager Phllip Falcone, is a prominent Democratic party fundraiser and he had been lobbying Congress, the White House, and the FCC for months to give the green light to his scheme for a network of satellites to broadcast wireless cell phone coverage. The problem is, the Air Force has determined that the signals from the satellites would seriously disrupt communications, GPS especially. The White House even tried to get an Air Force general to change his congressional testimony to downplay the interference issue. Now the FCC is moving to kill Lightsquared's network of satellites. The Hill: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) moved to reject LightSquared's planned wireless network on Tuesday after the president's top adviser on telecom issues said there is "no practical way" to prevent the network from disrupting GPS devices. Philip Falcone and his investment firm...(Read Full Post)