Don't insult the Edsel by comparing it to the Volt

It is understandable when people, as Rick Moran did in his February 2, 2012, AT blog post, compare boondoggles such as the Chevy Volt to the Edsel. But the Volt is not comparable the Edsel.The Edsel certainly had its problems. Edsel is a bizzarre name that potential buyers associated with animals or dead batteries. Its commode-like front grill was strange. The Edsel line confused customers since it was priced like comparable cars from Ford and Mercury. The marketing was horrendous and the line debuted during a recession and during the advent of fascination with economy cars. In addition, then-Ford executive Robert McNamara was busy disdaining the Mercury, Lincoln, and Edsel divisions. His management skills were later on display during the Vietnam War. Simply, the Edsel was the wrong car at the wrong time. It happens. Unlike the Volt, however, the Edsel was solely the product of a private company attempting to establish another foothold in the automobile market. There were no...(Read Full Post)