Dining with History in France

Ah, Paris in the springtime. How delightful. It was so good to leave my Washington office to go to France for lunch yesterday. I teased my colleagues about heading out to Le beau Pays for a meal and conversation. "The Concorde's been grounded," one of my friends jabbed back. Actually, I was in France. That's because we recognize the French Embassy in Washington as sovereign French territory. And the January weather was spring-like on Reservoir Road. Under international law, developed in no small part by hundreds of years of French diplomacy, every civilized nation recognizes the embassies of other nations as equivalent to those nations. Thus, the Iranian mullahs' regime committed an act of war against the United States in 1979 when they invaded and occupied our embassy in Tehran. Yesterday's lunch -- an excellent one of carrot soup, sole almondine, and crème brûlée  -- was the occasion for a broad-ranging discussion of historical and political topics. My gracious hosts...(Read Full Post)