Dems blame Bush for 'Fast and Furious'

Yep - a Democratic report that brazenly suggests that the Bush administration, after losing hundreds of guns in Mexico,"rather than halting operations after flaws became evident, (ATF agents in Arizona) launched several similarly reckless operations over the course of several years, also with tragic results." When in doubt, blame Bush. And by the way - you can move along now, nothing to see as far as Department of Justice wrongdoing. Fox News: Specifically, the report discloses that Holder's current chief of staff, Gary Grindler, met with investigators two weeks before Christmas and told them that, contrary to some allegations, he did not learn substantive details of "Fast and Furious" during a March 2010 briefing with ATF officials. Grindler, who as acting deputy attorney general, was the department's No. 2 at the time of his briefing in March 2010, said he is "extraordinarily confident" the ATF officials who briefed him did not tell him firearms were being allowed to go to...(Read Full Post)