De-Nuking Iran (continued)

A few months back I wrote a piece for AT speculating that Israel was behind the many mysterious explosions at Iranian nuclear facilities. Because of the laughable attempts by the Iranians to explain away every one of these baffling blasts as accidents, I entitled the article, "De-Nuking Iran One Bagdadbobbian Blast at a Time."  That reference was, of course, to the ludicrous Iraqi general who insisted that Saddam's forces were destroying the American forces even as a news split screen showed our tanks rolling unimpeded through the streets of Bagdad Today, is reporting on a talk given by Moshe Ya'alon, Israel's Vice Prime Minister and Strategic Affairs Minister, as well as former Chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, at the Herzliya Conference. Ya'alon made some very revealing statements that bear out the speculation I voiced earlier here at American Thinker:  "The Iranians believe that a determination isn't still there, both in regards to military action...(Read Full Post)