Contraception, the Useful New Passion

A new liberal scheme is afoot and conservatives would do well to be alert to it. It involves approaching an old goal from a new path. The appeal to liberals is twofold-either they get to the previously unattainable goal, or they make such a fuss along the way that all outstanding issues are muddied. I pray Republicans don't take the bait. The new liberal scheme has to do with their newfound passion for contraception. To begin with, contraception is free and it always has been; it is called abstention. It has many virtues: It's free It is under complete control of the woman It can be implemented by anyone at any time It is 100% infallible as a birth control method. Shoot, even men can be involved in this method of contraception. We're not talking about a sexless life here, just ask Bill Clinton. But that is not the issue. When one thinks of contraception, one thinks of birth control pills and condoms. Lately, I have noticed that Jay Carney, the hapless Obama administration press...(Read Full Post)