Conservative Titans Take to the Mattresses!

Pour some coffee and pass the pancakes because a bare knuckled constitutional conservative kerfuffle is upon us!  Conservative hot button heroine Ann Coulter has been called on the carpet by Constitutional conservative champion Mark Levin over RomneyCare.  While the intellectual battle has only begun, the winner will be a sharpened conservative argument against government intrusion into healthcare at all levels. Boldly going where conservative angels fear to tread is Coulter's forte.  Her masterful defense of Joe McCarthy ought to shame those who let the communist inspired slander "McCarthyism" slip from their lips to this day.  But Coulter's cheerleading of her man Mitt's RomneyCare was immediately trampled upon by conservative consigliere Mark Levin. While both Coulter and Levin have law degrees and speak eloquently on the issues of the day Levin soundly rejected Coulter's brief on RomneyCare as a legal scholar would school a fresh faced law clerk.  In not...(Read Full Post)