Conservative civil war: Tales from the front

Erick Erickson with a very good analysis of the continuing war between factions of conservatism as well as establishment Republicanism: Debasing ourselves with silly defenses of Republicans along with a willingness to put party politics ahead of principle will, yet again, see voters rejecting conservatives. Groups like the American Conservative Union, the Heritage Foundation, etc. have all made mistakes and have usually had to repent. But in making those mistakes, they have opened up both conservatives and the Republican Party to temptation and temerity that ultimately caused collapse at the polls or ceding issues in debates. Look at the Heritage Foundation and healthcare mandates. Look at the Republican politicians who expand the federal government's budget while hiding behind their ACU rating as proof that they are conservative. The conservative movement has been sick for the past decade. The further it became absorbed within the Republican Party, the less it could shine with...(Read Full Post)