Bringing Electricity to an Indian Hogan

Mark Snyder Electric installed the solar panels on the Navajo hogan that was declared unfit to live in shortly after the project was finished. In his response to my article on the subject, he invited me to continue the conversation, which I do here. Dear Mr. Snyder, Not quite sure where to begin, but here's a start: I don't live in Michigan. I don't have solar. I am not at all opposed to solar installations in Navajoland. Your enumeration of the difficulties of bringing power, septic tanks, and water to hogans on the Navajo reservation tells me that doing so is very expensive. Could it mean that these modern conveniences, these inventions of the white man, should not intrude on traditional lifestyles? After all, the ancestors of the First Americans, as you call them, had none of these things. I guess the Navajo wish to live a traditional life on their land and among their own people with twenty-first century conveniences from the white man, paid for by the white man. Does any of...(Read Full Post)