Border Patrol Overtime is Taxpayers' Bargain

I read with both interest and perplexity an Associated Press article in Sunday's Albuquerque Journal regarding the issue of Border Patrol overtime. AP reporter, Alicia Caldwell,* while not outright calling the situation abusive, certainly hinted at that possibility by pointing out that overtime is up while apprehensions of illegals are down. I think Caldwell misses a very important point which my wife and I just experienced first-hand. We recently took a jaunt through New Mexico's Boot Heel and explored several areas in Southern Arizona. There were frequent occasions when the only other vehicles we encountered for many, many miles were Border Patrol and they were everywhere, on the highways and on the unpaved roads we drove as well. They were such a ubiquitous presence that, had they been military vehicles and personnel you could realistically conclude you were in a combat zone, which I suppose, in a way, we were. And yes, we were well-armed. At one point, at the end of a steep,...(Read Full Post)