Bibi previews Obama meeting

The two leaders will meet on March 5 after Prime Minister Netanyahu delivers an address to the annual AIPAC meeting in Washington. Not surprisingly, the two issues at the front will be the continued bloodshed in Syria and the growing power of Iran. J-Post: Speaking at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, Netanyahu said, "Our region is volatile and quickly changing in the North, South and East, including the atrocious massacre we are seeing in Syria against innocent civilians. All of these subjects will be raised at the meeting, but one issue will be central: the increasing power of Iran." While we will discuss all of these issues, there is no doubt that one issue will be at the center of our talks, and that is, of course, the continued strengthening of Iran and its nuclear program. Whoever needed it, received additional, biting proof in the form of the IAEA's latest report which proves that Israel's assessments were correct. i.e. that Iran is continuing to make...(Read Full Post)