Barack Obama Using Scripture

In America today there is a new fad called Designer Christianity. Cherry-picked Christian ideology has zero to do with God's Word and everything to do with the moral relativism that now pervades modern philosophy. It is a pick-and-choose brand of religion where a person selects exactly what they want to believe, misinterprets and takes Scripture out of context, and then labels those who object to that sacrilege as mean-spirited, un-Jesus-like, and anti-Christian. It's a mentality that says a personal interpretation of Scripture trumps the canon of God's Word and anything can be justified because God is much bigger than small-minded, fundamentalist-style thinking.  Rather than align with truth, designer Christians mistakenly believe that God is eager to conform to public opinion and expectations. Using Scripture to justify one's own desires or beliefs is the highest form of opportunism. The truth is that when it comes to misusing Christianity, Barack "Audacity" Obama issues edicts...(Read Full Post)