As expected, big Santorum surge after Tuesday vote

A Fox News poll conducted from Monday through Thursday last week shows Mitt Romney losing support while Rick Santorum surged into a virtual tie with the former Massachusetts governor. In interviews conducted on Monday and Tuesday nights -- immediately before the news of his victories -- Santorum received the backing of 17 percent of GOP primary voters. That was well behind Romney (35 percent) and Newt Gingrich (26 percent), and slightly ahead of Ron Paul (14 percent). In interviews conducted on Wednesday and Thursday nights -- after his wins -- Santorum's support nearly doubled, which put him tied at the top with Romney for those two days at 30 percent. That's an increase of 13 percentage points. Over the last two nights, Romney also received 30 percent, a drop of 5 points. Gingrich came in at 16 percent, down 10 points. Paul's support held steady at 15 percent. Looking at the results from all four nights of this week's interviewing, Romney retains his frontrunner spot with 33...(Read Full Post)