America's Maritime History vs. 21st Century Ambulance Chasers

Once again the New Orleans Times-Picayune ( has an excellent article recounting the players in the upcoming trial to determine liability for the Deepwater Horizon incident. Rebecca Mowbray describes the action this way: Because of the complexity of the case, the plaintiffs involved are as varied as they are numerous. Although the case was initiated by Transocean, the rig owner, which filed to limit its liability in the incident under an arcane 19th century maritime law, creative lawyering and unique circumstances conspired to turn the proceeding into a massive trial over nearly every major question in the incident. The mammoth proceeding bundles together 535 cases, including claims brought by individuals and businesses harmed by the oil spill and other parties to the disaster. Cross-claims filed by the involved companies against one another are also included. That "arcane 19th century maritime law" is a very rich branch of jurisprudence with huge volumes of prevailing...(Read Full Post)