American solar cell pioneers bankrupted by Obama's DOE

Vast tranches of DOE-money have been released by the Democrats into politically-connected "renewable energy" companies, ostensibly in order to subsidize industries manufacturing solar energy generating photovoltaic cells.  One consequence of this giant injection of cash into a fragile and limited market is that existing market participants, companies that may have long pioneering track-records in the industry, suddenly must face vastly subsidized competition from the likes of Solyndra.  Let's remember that there are many applications of solar cells that do not require subsidies, so there is a base market in the silicon-cell product.  Into this small market is dumped courtesy US taxpayer vast quantities of cut-price product distorting the market vastly in favor of customers of ALL market entrants including the legacy companies.  Two recent victims of this effect were pioneers in the industry:  Solarex and Energy Conversion Devices (ECD).  If you've ever...(Read Full Post)