About that Burmese 'reset'

Last month, the Obama administration hailed the release of some political prisoners in Burma as a "substantial step forward for democratic reform." Yeah sure. Secretary of State Clinton told Burmese authorities on her visit in December that the US would ease sanctions if there were continued reforms.Then, last month, the release of the prisoners set off an exchange of ambassadors - the first in 20 years - and the promise of more to come. Yesterday, the government arrested a prominent dissident monk - released last month by the government in their amnesty program that Clinton and Obama so effusively praised. VOA: Authorities in Burma have detained a prominent dissident monk less than a month after he was released from jail along with dozens of other political prisoners. Witnesses say several Burmese officials took U Gambira from a monastery in Rangoon before dawn Friday. The religious affairs and special branch police gave little information about the apprehension, saying only that...(Read Full Post)