A Falklands War, Round II?

They're at it again -- again, that is, for those of us who remember the Falklands War of 1982. British and Argentine leaders are pounding on their chests, screaming defiance over a bunch of rocks in the South Atlantic most of you have probably never heard of.  Yet it's shaping up to be a big deal in the U.K. -- or at least a major distraction from the EU, the euro, and the Scots' referendum on independence.  There were questions in Parliament this week -- and threats of war from both countries' governments. Why should we Americans care?  Well, we shouldn't -- except for when it comes to what Britain's predicament over the Falkland Islands tells us about ourselves. The conflict itself is uninteresting.  Yet  that thirty-years-ago war (and a comparison to the state of the British military and government today) carries a couple of important lessons for Americans in this 21st-century presidential election year. The contrast between then and now is telling....(Read Full Post)