US citizens banned from leaving Egypt staying at US embassy

US represenetatives of several NGO's in Egypt are staying at the US embassy after being denied permission to leave the country while an "investigation" is being conducted into funding sources for their organizations. VOA: Several U.S. democracy activists who are being prevented from leaving Egypt have taken refuge at the U.S. embassy in Cairo. One week after Egyptian officials turned them away from Cairo's airport, several American pro-democracy activists are living in the U.S. embassy compound because State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland says they feel more comfortable there. Egyptian officials say the members of U.S. non-governmental organizations, or NGOs, are part of an investigation into the alleged use of foreign funds to sponsor anti-government protests. Nuland told reporters on Monday that U.S. officials do not believe that any of the Americans face physical threats in Egypt and that none have been charged with a crime. "It's not terribly transparent exactly what the...(Read Full Post)