Ron Paul Roulette

Most conservatives would be hard-pressed to find much that they disagree with Ron Paul on when the topic of discussion is fiscal policy.  Low taxes, free markets, low regulation, and adherence to the Constitution -- how does a right-thinking individual find fault with any of those sound ideas? Where Ron Paul loses me, and many other conservatives, from what I've been reading, is when he starts discussing his foreign policy views.  To be more specific, it is his views on Iran going nuclear that cause me the most concern. I'm by no means a foreign policy expert, but I don't think it takes one to have serious concerns about Ron Paul's answers during recent debates.  Seeing no major problem with  Iran, the #1 state sponsor of terrorism according to the State Department, having  nuclear weapons, and finding moral equivalence with the U.S. and other nations having these weapons because Iran happens to be "surrounded," seems naïve at best and suicidal at worst. ...(Read Full Post)