Obama Dismantles American Power Abroad

Last night, Barack Obama distracted the nation's attention with a rousing, campaign speech dressed up as a State of the Union address. On domestic affairs, the President's Animal Farm-like attempts at saying black is white and night is day were wasted. The true nature of the Archangel Barack's politics and his vision for America have been clear for some time. As Hugh Hewitt blogged recently, "[t]he country knows." No one's fooled -- except, perhaps, for some of Mr. Obama's own partisans. But what is the Obama Administration's actual foreign policy?  Well, as with President's "stealth" Marxism, he's not coming clean with his foreign policy either. Last night, in a 7,000-word address, the American President who doesn't like to think of himself as the Leader of the Free World devoted about 1,000 words to sounding like exactly that. His peroration confronted his Republican and conservative critics head-on too. Here is Mr. Obama, in his own words: "The renewal of American leadership...(Read Full Post)