Obama: 22 million Skidoo

Viewing the brief but revealing video clip of Obama yesterday momentarily asserting his having created 22 million jobs, I am struck by two things.  First, by his manifest detachment:  but not because he made a mundane, ordinary, forgivable, human mistake.  Rather, for his not balking at once at his own voice speaking its very jarring-sounding wrongness, and for drifting mindlessly along with it for some 22 -- I mean, three seconds.  (He's improving:  he never hiccuped at the "57 states" enigma of 2008.)  And because he's so obviously not on top of the issue, even though he says he "cares."    But, you see, it's all just so many words to be read, and some number to claim.  When you are detached to his degree of detachment, there's no need for mental vigilance or acuity:  they'll just tell me what I need to say when I get there.  But for crying out loud, the auctioneer, the air-traffic controller, the short-order cook, the...(Read Full Post)