Newt the Sellout

Few things in the political arena are as damaging to the conservative cause as the Bush administration's coining of and frequent use of the term "compassionate conservatism".  Rather than explaining that conservatism is *more* compassionate than liberalism on its own merits, which takes more work, but is vital to the long-term cause, they took the easy road and sold out the cause for their own short-term political benefit.    Newt's attacks on Bain Capital are akin to this sellout of the cause by the Bush administration.  Private equity firms at times purchase companies, split them up, sell off the parts and, in the process, layoff the employees associated with that company.  In that process, they make a profit for themselves.  What happens then?  The profit that they make is now money that they have to invest in a new company, which is the other role of private equity.  The end result is that they are moving capital from a lower valued...(Read Full Post)