Newt and the base

It looks the angry mob mentality, so forcefully laid out by Ann Coulter in her last book, has come to the party of conservatives.  The overwhelming majority of the comments I have read over the weekend about Newt -- his win and his flaws -- have not just been in total support of Newt but express a willingness to overlook all flaws personal, professional and political in the hopes of having an attack dog take on Obama. People want to get rid of Obama so badly because they are understandably angry, frustrated, scared and disgusted -- myself included.  We know that another four years of Obama will snatch opportunity and hope from our children and force an America upon us we don't recognize.   But does it make sense to vote for someone just because he has good ideas, can articulate them and would be great in a debate?  Isn't that what so many conservatives had against Obama -- that he could lay out the Democrat position with a sonorous voice and pretty words and...(Read Full Post)