Higher Education Needs a Complete Overhaul

In an article for today's FrontPage Magazine titled "Schools of Education: The Academic Slums," Walter Williams was right on the money.  Speaking about schools of education, he said, "Education professors drum into students that they should not 'drill and kill' or be the 'sage on the stage' but instead be the 'guide on the side' who 'facilitates student discovery.' This kind of harebrained thinking, coupled with multicultural nonsense, explains today's education. During his teacher education, Sand says, 'teachers-to-be were forced to learn about this ethnic group, that impoverished group, this sexually anomalous group, that under-represented group, etc. -- all under the rubric of 'Culturally Responsive Education.'" At the University of Virginia, we recognized this problem and required our teachers-to-be to earn an undergraduate degree in an academic field, and then apply to the education school for a master's degree if they wanted to teach our young people.  That may...(Read Full Post)