Facts won't matter

In the end, the facts won't matter.  The discussion of who is more vulnerable, who has the most or least baggage in the general election, whose history will hurt him more or less, whether Bain or the Fannie Mae situation will provide more fodder to the Democrats' political machine won't matter, even though we like to pretend they will.The Democrats are already engaged in a scorched-earth slaughter-fest, and the media acts as their advocate and champion; nuances of this or that that we Republicans spend time debating will have no place in the lead-up to the November election. In fact, it's rather charming to imagine that anyone will care about blind trusts or the differences between consulting and lobbying and who paid what in capital gains taxes and who cheated on his wife. The media and the Democrats, if you'll pardon the redundancy,  will be creating their own versions of reality, their own sets of "facts" that will have no connection to the truth, and the fraud and...(Read Full Post)