Dumbing Down the SOTU

An aspect of last night's SOTU address struck me as particularly odd.  It wasn't the utterly predictable misrepresentation of fact, also known as lies.  It wasn't even Obama's predictable solution for the problems at hand -- nearly all of which were, ironically, created, inflicted, or perpetrated by government:  more government.   No, what struck me as odd, were the rather juvenile visual aids, released by the White House, which accompanied the SOTU address via online broadcast, or web cast.  The full slideshow can be seen here.    The slideshow was, at best, an annoyance; a visual reminder of the creek we're up with government holding the paddle.  Or, a graphic for dummies, if you will, which is what Obama presumes citizens who can't grasp his brilliant embrace of large government to be.  At worst, the White House graphics were mistruths on parade, live and in color, including abject lies about oil subsidies, healthcare access, and...(Read Full Post)