Youth vote up for grabs in 2012

More likely, fewer young people will vote and those that do will be open to a candidate who can speak to their misery and give them reason for optimism about the future. Does that mean that a GOP candidate can win the 18-29 demographic? Not likely. But they can close the considerable gap that opened up in 2008. CNN: In 2008, the youth vote helped sweep Barack Obama into office.  Americans 18-29 spread the word on social media, energized fundraising and went to the polls. In 2012, the youth vote is moving on and throwing those omnipresent "Hope" bumper stickers and t-shirts in garbage bins. Not because of apathy.  Not because another candidate generates more enthusiasm.  Not because of his character.  Not because they think voting is pointless.  The 18-29 vote is up for grabs in 2012 because youth can't afford cars to put bumper stickers on and those t-shirts are worn out from too many days sitting on the couch unemployed. The sobering reality: ...(Read Full Post)