Social Justice and the Occupiers

It seemed recently that whenever I turned on the television there was an anchorman asking some longhaired hippy at Zuccotti Park why he is protesting. I laugh when the grunge says he wants social justice.

Social what? The grunge is the same arrested development college dropout who says that he wouldn't take a job if he were offered it. Does he think it is socially just for someone else to work to support him? Is that why so many of these kids are still living in their parents' home?

The OWS protestors basically want to do nothing while they collect everything. Why do they call themselves occupiers when the typical liberal considers occupying a sin such as the Pilgrims occupying North America or the Jews occupying Israel? If they are occupiers, shouldn't they hate themselves?

Actually, they do. Who else would rather take a dump on a cop car than to canvas around for a possible job? Their priority is antithesis. They do not understand positive and purposive constructive behavior.

The protestors want other people to organize and work for institutions while they do nothing for the good of others around them or themselves. They like to complain about our institutions but are incapable of building competing ones are improving ours.

A hippy's idea of social justice is unjustly spreading the wealth around so that those who earn it receive no more than those who squander it. It is communism's idea of enslaving the free market to the concept of authoritarian wealth redistribution.

The truth about social justice is that it is a forced system to take from those who earn and give to those who have their hands out. That is not really justice. It is not even social. Society depends on equality of opportunity rather than paradigms of dictatorial wealth.

A communist government understands self-justice, not social justice. It uses the term social justice to justify its dictatorial behavior. But communists are simply putting a putatively positive label on a bullying form of government. Communism gives to itself and its minions. It does not believe that all people are created equal and should have equal opportunity to earn. It takes with one hand, gives with the other and then takes back. I suppose the gulag is a form of social justice.

Communism is charitable to the poor but bites the rich in the butt even if the rich have earned everything in their wallet. It elects Obama while it dismisses the fair respectful position of Joe the Plumber. At least Joe would have cleaned our pipes without spilling the sludge on the neighbor's lawn and insisting he pay our rent.