Iran: The plot thickens

There can't be any doubt that attempts are being made to sabotage Iran's nuclear weapons development program, given recent events and the large number of countries that believe such weapons must be kept out of Iran's hands and that a nuclear Iran would be a disaster for the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Item: last week a huge blast rocked nuclear storage facilities in Isfahan, severely damaging them.

Item: two weeks ago there was another huge blast at a test site for Iran's ballistic missile program. That blast also caused extensive damage.

Item: last June five Russian nuclear scientists who had been helping Iran develop nuclear weapons were killed in a plane crash.

Item: in November 2010 a top Iranian nuclear scientist was killed in Tehran.

Item: in August 2010 the mastermind of Iran's military drone project was killed. The same day three missiles hit the dome of Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor.

Item: the Stuxnet computer virus has wreaked havoc on Iran's uranium enrichment facilities and Iran's military computer network has been severely compromised by a new computer virus called Duqu.

All of this sounds like sabotage to me. There may even have been other attempts to sabotage Iran's nuclear weapons development program which haven't come to light yet. You can be sure more are in the offing too.

The question isn't whether or not anyone is attempting to sabotage Iran's nuclear weapons development program, the question is who? Israel is an obvious possibility but so is Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United States, Britain or any number of other countries from the Islamic and non-Islamic worlds. Given the stakes involved and the Machiavellian nature of Middle Eastern politics it could be any of the above, some of the above or all of the above.

My money's on the Israelis. Now that the United States has been effectively emasculated by President Obama they're the only ones with enough courage, chutzpah and smarts to do it. The Israelis also have the most to lose since Iran would attack Israel with nuclear weapons as soon as she is able to do so in an effort to wipe Israel off the map, to destroy Israel and remove it from the face of the earth...that would be Iran's first order of business once she becomes a nuclear power and Israel is fully aware of it.

Whoever is behind them we ca only hope that attempts to sabotage Iran's nuclear weapons development program will be successful because if they are not, Israel will have to launch a unilateral, preemptive strike as a matter of national survival, a strike which could engulf the region and the world. Other countries may decide to strike as well in their own national interests...Iran is seen as a danger by all and no one wants the Iranians to have nuclear weapons.

Sabotage will have to be successful soon though. Despite all the setbacks Iran is very close to becoming a nuclear power.

The plot is thickening alright.