'Should the US cut off aid to Egyptian military?'

Former Reagan and Bush era diplomat Elliot Abrams thinks so: Given recent election returns this seems to have been a self-fulfilling prophecy-and this is the real crime of Hosni Mubarak against his country. I recall vividly meeting with an Egyptian democracy activist at the White House in 2002, when I handled the human rights and democracy portfolio at the Bush NSC. This person surprised me by saying he was not in favor of a free election in Egypt. No, he said, I don't want a free election tomorrow, I want a free election ten years from tomorrow--if you give us ten years to organize freely. Otherwise, he said, the Brothers will win. That ten years brings us to now, and he was right: these Egyptian elections, after thirty years when Mubarak and the army played footsie with the Brotherhood while attacking the center, have brought the Islamists to victory. And now, as in the Mubarak years, the army will be posing as the only bulwark to radicalism. In fact the only real bulwark is the...(Read Full Post)